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Training Tips

1. Be consistent with your training. Consistency is key to getting results 2. Get adequate recovery time between workouts. Your muscles need a minimum of 48 hours rest to grow and rebuild. 3. Overload. In order for the muscle to get stronger it has to be stressed. You need to make the muscle do more than what it is used to doing. As the muscle adapts, you add resistance. This is called progressive overload. 4. Start slow. Doing too much too soon can results in set backs and injuries 5. Rest approximately 1 to 2 minutes between sets. Some muscle groups recover a bit faster, some a bit slower. 6. Work with a weight you can lift at least 8 times (in good form), but no more than 12 times in a set. 7. Stay hydrated during your workouts to enhance performance. Carry a water bottle at all times