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About me

I became interested in fitness and nutrition at the age of 14, when, following major surgery, I gained 65 pounds. Through diet and exercise I was able to lose the weight within 1 year. In addition to weight loss, exercise improved my body image, self-esteem, general health, endurance and love of life. It helped me maintain a positive attitude and gave me a feeling of accomplishment. Upon graduation from high school, I enrolled in the Exercise Specialist/ Physical Education major at the University of New Hampshire. During my college experience, I taught aerobic classes for my town’s recreation and parks department as well as volunteered in the UNH cardiac rehabilitation program. I graduated Cum Laude and obtained my Bachelor of Science degree. For the past 25 years I have dedicated my life to helping others make fitness a part of their lives. I have worked in the capacity of Fitness Director, Certified Personal Trainer, Head Trainer, Staff Trainer as well as Aerobics and Spin instructor. With an emphasis on safety, affordability and effectiveness, my greatest desire is to help my client achieve their personal fitness and health goals.

I look forward to working with you!